Monday, March 26, 2007

Rednex Open Stage Show Program

    Once more I got a chance to go for an open stage rock program on last Saturday. My cousin got a ticket from Forum and he was looking for someone to share that….So what…. I gladly accepted his offer. The program was conducted by Rednex, a Swedish band ( which had an instant dance-floor novelty hit with the opening track of their debut album(Rednex - Sex & Violins).

(A snap from the program. Because of low light and it is taken using a mobile obviously we cannot expect a better quality than this)

   We started from home around 7 PM with three other friends. Because of Road blocks it took around one hour to reach there. Usually Saturday evening will be time which we can find top traffic blocks in the city. So I think we reached much fast compared to rush in roads at that time. When we reached there the program had started with some DJ presentations. The Speaker System installed there was not that much bad and we could feel its 30000 RMS speakers pulling in our chests. Not bad at all. Around 9 o’clock the Rednex Band started their program. Their play style was like a square-dance music with a techno beat, and I like their dressing style; a cowboy type looks and dressings, may be a native Swedish dressing and the beat which reminds me the background music of the English Film Brave Heart. The program was much better and I think it was worthy for the time spent. This is the third time I am in palace grounds for such a program and this one I think the best among them. We started back around 10 after the program and, we reached home around 11.30 after an enjoyable Kerala style supper.