Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Home, My Sweet Home

Last week when I was at my home in Kerala, I got a chance to bump into a funny topic.  It's about my home, yea as the title exemplifies, it's all about my home.

Early Morning…Oops to me early morning means at least 9.AM, I was in my kitchen searching through the wall-rows and fridge, for anything special. At this time, I became aware of some “Meeeewwwhhhhh” and growling sounds from outside. Upon hearing these sounds, I got what is going on outside. Immediately, I rushed to get my camera. It was very interesting to see two natural enemies entertaining together just like brothers. I managed to take some shots before they got dismayed by our maid 'Pattumma' who doesn’t like dogs.

Hey, where are you going….. don’t go now…If you stay I will give you a big piece of chicken. I just saw madam is preparing it at Kitchen!

Grrrrr…It's only a Fish, not chicken. Trying to make me fool? Don’t come near anymore! I will make you understand how puppies treat cats.

Oh…So you are telling that. Then I will show you how cats deal with puppies. Grrrrr!.....Mewwwwwwh……Grr
.(now you got what happened, ha ha!!)

Hmm…you are not gonna win anymore....oh!! Let's see who is going to win.

Meww....we can come into a compromise….Buff..I think we need to talk…..

       And at this time to my bad luck, she came by that way looking for something and seeing her both flew away with their life. By this time, I caught up with an idea of writing a blog not only with the game by our pets but also with some coverage of our house. I am always graceful about our garden which is designed exclusively by me and the credit of keeping it such fresh goes to my Sweet Mama. I went to garden to take some good snaps.

A View of my Patio - Not that much bad Eh?

Zoomed out – Same view but from some bit back and the view angle moved around 45 Degree.

Resort View - A view towards the Front Gate. Notice the mountains and fog far away.

At this time, I got another brilliant idea. Why shouldn’t I include my favorite pet in these photographs? I used to call her “Rocket”. I think that’s the name perfectly matches with her habit. If released out of cage, she will run like anything so that even for me it is some bit difficult to catch her back. I released her out of her crate expecting that I could take some snaps at least after one or two hours.

My favorite “Rocket”. Usually we never release her out of cage. If such an “Accident” happens especially when my Father or any of the servents are not nearby, we says Jilli won a Lottery. Within half an hour, she will put our home upward down.

Running for a Snap - Look how much she made me run. A snap taken from around 200 mtrs from home.

No Effects Added – Everything else is shaken except her.

Dare you take my snap! - Now you got exactly why I am calling her “ROCKET

Hide and Seek - Trying to hide from me. She thinks I am not seeing Her.  he he!

    My sister used to call her “Nuoonju”. I think this is an official name given by her to all the Cats in our home. But only one mouser at a time. It will be transferred to another mouser only after it’s death or after it’s missing due to some unknown reasons. Reports from trustworthy sources tell that our neighbor dogs are responsible for these vicious acts.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Leela Palace - A small collection.

     Last week we got a chance to visit Leela Palace. At the time we  took some snaps 
from various places.  Sharing some of them.

Reception - A view of front entrance.

Do you think it is the Reception. Oops..notice the tracks. Its the view from the back entrance!.

     The Bookstall. Fundamentally I am not a book worm but, despite the steep pricing it seems like the collection is one of the best as it is expected to be, in such a hotel. Usually they won't allow photography inside shops. Its restricted in corridors and shopping complex area. But as a special consideration we were allowed to to take some snaps.

      Nature - Feels like Mother Nature came in. Its an exclusive man-made masterpiece. It is so realistic that we feel the hotel is built around this natural beauty. To make the waterfall run, a pump is laboured behind the rocks on a 24/7 basis.

     Another typical scene.