Sunday, November 25, 2007

Petrol Pump

OK. For non-Mallus the board reads "Fill Diesel from this pump".

I couldn't find any good reason why such a sign board is there!! Especially when, it is inside a KSRTC Bus Stand which means it can be used only for KSRTC Buses and will be used by authorised KSRTC personals.

Whatever, It looks interesting!!.

KSRTC - A way to make profit.

Got this picture of the Checker from a KSRTC bus on the way to home.

A policy KSRTC is following to make profit out of capturing people who travels without taking tickets. I appreciate the policy, as long as they want to give employment for some people. I am not here to insult the feelings of those who does this work, but wondering are they able to return at least up to the limit they are paid with? We see that in private sectors such a system is not popular. Also they do think it is not required at all. Why Can't KSRTC stop this post slowly and use them in better areas in the system itself?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Forum in Deepavali Mood…

After a long interval, today I visited the Forum, my favorite place in Bangalore. Forum is one of the best Shopping Mall in the city, though costly. The best place for those who are not ready for compromise on product quality. I was a frequent visitor to this place some time before. However, these days I am becoming a stranger here. The time I used to spend in Forum is stolen by travels to the new office. On the other hand, am I getting bored with this place?

The AUDI Car is gone! This is the first thing I noticed entering the Mall. The mall is fully decorated with illumination and lamps for deepavali festival. Now the exit has made strictly through the side openings in two sides. Security is more tight now. More Security inspection doors are installed. Guards are checking the bags of almost all visitors. Some of the shops are missing and few new shops came in. Some new spaces has been allocated for shops which was left unused earlier. I paused for some seconds in front of the 3D glass Cube printers. Its an amazing technology. I can't even imagine how to create the picture inside the cube. Looking into the machine it looks like they are using laser beams to burn specific positions inside a plane glass cube. But how? I can say only one word, "Its complicated!!"

I went upside to see the decorations and took some snaps. The decoration under the middle dome is amazing. I took snaps of this illumination from each floor. But the best was from the topmost floor, which covered the complete lighting. Wished I had my S5 IS Camera with me that time. Even in 2 MPX, picture noise is too heavy in Mobile Cameras.

Rush is more as it is a holiday…I hate Forum when rush is there and so avoids coming here on weekends except with friends. I came to Forum because it is a shortcut for me to get into the other side of the road. Oh Jezzez, the main task is still left. I don't have much time to spent. I walked past the flowing crowd and continued to the other side of the mall and dissolved into the wandering mass in the main road.