Monday, May 7, 2007

Leela Palace - A small collection.

     Last week we got a chance to visit Leela Palace. At the time we  took some snaps 
from various places.  Sharing some of them.

Reception - A view of front entrance.

Do you think it is the Reception. Oops..notice the tracks. Its the view from the back entrance!.

     The Bookstall. Fundamentally I am not a book worm but, despite the steep pricing it seems like the collection is one of the best as it is expected to be, in such a hotel. Usually they won't allow photography inside shops. Its restricted in corridors and shopping complex area. But as a special consideration we were allowed to to take some snaps.

      Nature - Feels like Mother Nature came in. Its an exclusive man-made masterpiece. It is so realistic that we feel the hotel is built around this natural beauty. To make the waterfall run, a pump is laboured behind the rocks on a 24/7 basis.

     Another typical scene.


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