Friday, September 7, 2007

Bye bye Balaji Mansion.

Today Friday, 07- September -2007, after a lot of confusions and waiting, things are now in a solid position. Finally we are moving to our new office.

When getting the final picture of the movement I could see different expressions from the faces of different team members. Some with a sun in their face, like they got a $100 million lottery .... They belong to the lucky group in our team who where traveling a lot all these months and now going to enjoy freedom from Bangalore traffic. A second group with gloomy face thinking about alternatives still (but in their inner sense they know there is no escape from this!!!) and some lucky among them who can still survive by shifting to a nearer place…and this is where I falls in.. :-). A few among them who seems like all these changes are not all going to affect them…..(God only knows that!! lol)…

Finally things started into action. The official confirmation for movement came from our STS Admin. Standing in our cubicles talking with colleagues. Office boys are bringing in Packages for CPUs and monitors. Is that just a feeling? Something. Is it right? Glimpses of some funeral party flashing in my memories? Something started pulling my mind. Is that some nostalgic feelings started beating my heart? Still thinking back I don’t know what was that. Was that realization of the inevitable fact that I am gonna miss something I really liked? All those mid-day walks through the park after lunch, those days which I enjoyed walking from office to room, some favorites which I may not see any more….our “Anthavum Kuthavum” hehe... it seems I am going jungles…

By 4 PM all the systems were shutdown and we tagged each system with the names and destination numbers so that packers can place it properly in destination cubicles. As the local admin for the team I took the responsibility of managing the shutting down and packaging of servers also. Everything went fine and our PM selected three of us from the team to volunteer for setting up the systems at destination. We need to go to new office tomorrow for finalizing things so that work won’t be interrupted on Monday. So…..Next day to the new office…..Bye-bye dear!!!! Let us fly off from our nest.

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