Sunday, November 25, 2007

KSRTC - A way to make profit.

Got this picture of the Checker from a KSRTC bus on the way to home.

A policy KSRTC is following to make profit out of capturing people who travels without taking tickets. I appreciate the policy, as long as they want to give employment for some people. I am not here to insult the feelings of those who does this work, but wondering are they able to return at least up to the limit they are paid with? We see that in private sectors such a system is not popular. Also they do think it is not required at all. Why Can't KSRTC stop this post slowly and use them in better areas in the system itself?


Rama Iyer said...

Well there are different ways of looking at this. Firstly, we could also see that it is because these Checkers can materialize out of anywhere that the conductors and the passengers do issue and buy tickets. If not for these Checkers, it is possible that there might be many ticketless travellers and the Bus Service losing out on a lot of revenue. Moreover, this is government service, so employment of personnel here is quite secure. Hence for conductors who let passengers travel without tickets, it is a big long procedure to remove them from work or even for that matter mete out a simple punishment. However, that is not the scenario in private transport. There it is hire and fire, sometimes it could be firing even before hiring (well that was in jest). What I mean to say is there are not much rules and procedures to be followed to punish an errant employee of the private sector and hence they dont find the necessity to have such people to come and checks though I do feel they will have their own mechanism like how much revenue the driver/conductor combine has to give the transport service or so.
My thoughts...

Digitally Inspired said... it comes. The real Rama. You are equipped with enough knowledge to comment upon this; Officially [:)]. My thoughts went only to passenger side and of course up to some extended situation where conductors may become careless. But you have gone into its depths.

In BMTC and most city areas this tendency is higher and it is sure we need this mechanism. In case of villages, I am having a feeling like some emotional, social and ethical factors are also influencing the case.